Saturday, September 3, 2011

Shoe4Africa: Website Build

Shoe4Africa is a nonprofit organization committed to Africa by making direct impact in the areas of Aids Awareness, Educational Programs, Peace Initiatives, Health Matters, and Women's Empowerment. Their main fundraising tool is through marathons and direct donations.

The clients wanted to keep the focus on their accomplishments for Shoe4Africa, and the projects they are currently working on. They wanted to tell their story through videos and pictures of the races in action, and their involvement with the Kenyan people and the organizations projects. For their fundraising efforts, they wanted a website that could take donations for their runners who were raising money on the organization's behalf, and have those donations show up in a thermometer to measure progress.

SPECIAL FUNCTIONS: Shoe4Africa's Portfolio Site
  • Videos: Client wanted ability to switch out videos themselves.
  • High Rez Image Downloads for Press: Client can upload high rez images, and the press can browse through low-rez thumbnails. Client-side management of this is very easy.
  • Click for a Brick Animation: when a donor donated money, a brick was digitally created in their name to signify a physical impact that their donation had. There were three sizes of brick your donation could create. This required a lot of math on our end to automatically size and place these bricks appropriately ;)

Susie Mendive

Shayne Parrish

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