Sunday, June 30, 2013

Package: SEO Website Audit + Content Strategy

The approach of SEO at StudioPixelated is founded in people's behavior in the search engines, and then what they are doing once they get to your website. Because what's the point of ranking if your readers aren't buying (or doing the action that you want them to, like sign up for your newsletter, contact you, etc.)? Katie Hellmuth Martin's years of experience as a website designer and as a copywriter enables her to look at your website from both a technical standpoint, as well as for the effectiveness of the overall design for desired user behavior. Our approach to search engine optimization (SEO) happens in three phases:
  1. Ranking
    First your web pages must rank for great terms. Is it ranking at the top of Google and other search engines?
  2. Clicking
    Great, pages are ranking! Your website is #1! But are people clicking?
  3. Browsing - The Sell
    Great, people are clicking! But are they buying what you sell?


2 Phone Conversations: Pre and Post Audit
  • First Phone Call: You and Katie will speak about the goals of your website, and if those goals are being met. This sets up what Katie will study in the analysis. You and Katie will discuss the basic principles behind SEO. You and she will discuss your business and how it works, as well as which keywords you want to rank for, as well as your competition.
  • Second Phone Call: You can Katie will discuss the recommendations made in the SEO Audit and answer any questions you have. You will be sent an SEO Tracking Sheet that helps you monitor SEO improvement on your website.
Analysis of Google Analytics
Katie will study the past behavior of your traffic patterns at your website. Hopefully you have Google Analytics enabled. If you don't, you can have your web team install it, and the Audit can take place two weeks from then. However, depending on the needs of your SEO Audit, we may be able to move forward without Google Analytics.

Analysis of Content and Page Design of Web Pages
Based on your goals, Katie will study two key areas:
  • Hot Spots of your website and whether or not they are using the most effective keywords. Hot spots include page titles, body copy, images, and navigation items.
  • Placement and overall writing of pages of the website.
Recommendations + Conversation
Based on the findings of the Analysis, Katie will write detailed recommendations for each page and/or area of the website that could use improvement. You and she will schedule a phone or video meeting about the Recommendations. Strategy work after this Audit can happen with purchase of a Digital Marketing Package.

Contact Katie at for a recommendation on which package is right for your business. Then select a plan from below, and Katie will email you to kick things off!

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