Saturday, June 1, 2013

Package: Digital Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses

Katie can work with your business to grow its presence online, no matter if you have been in business for ten years or ten days. The key to getting new customers from your community on the Internet, as well as keeping your current customers happy with and loyal to your brand, is in the consistency of the messages you put out there on social media, your own website, your newsletters, and any print marketing material you produce.

Katie specializes in each of the areas outlined below. Your work with Katie can focus on one of these, or all of them, depending on the strategy that works for your brand and your clients and customers.

Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines aim to match the perfect website to the reader searching for it. You want that to be your website, right? There are many factors that play into coming up in Google searches, the first of which starts with great content. Katie can help you understand the basics of SEO, what is currently important in the game of getting good rankings, and how to get customers if your website does rank well. Here is what Katie looks at when she asses the health of your website and its position in search engines:

Social media platforms are all different from each other. An update that works well in one won't work as well in another. They have different vibes and people are hooked on them for different reasons. Katie will train you in these platforms, and can devise a game-plan for your brand so that you not only have a purpose to your photo postings and status updates, but you are engaging with with your customer base and locking in brand loyalty.

By working directly with you and your team, we can understand your industry and provide editorial direction for blog article and column ideas. This is your ticket to easy ways to create more niche content on the web about your brand. Depending on your industry, we can also write the blog articles. We act as reporters, reporting on your business to your clients and customers.

People still engage with their email. This is a great way to get in front of your clients and customers directly, and at the very least, to remind them of your brand and instill the philosophies and messaging of your brand. When needed, newsletters are a great way to execute a call to action. But just sending a newsletter to get someone to buy something might not make an impact. We view newsletters as an editorial opportunity to help your clients and customers get to know and trust your brand.

Consulting sessions have been priced to help small businesses better understand digital marketing, and to empower the people behind the scenes to make great results, without hurting the budget.
Group Sessions: You and a friend can split the cost of a Session and come together to get training, ideas, and your questions answered.

If you are ready to get started, please pick a plan from the selection below! Please email with any questions!

Select a package. Each Session is 1 hour.