Sunday, June 2, 2013

Package: LinkedIn Profile Writing

Your LinkedIn Profile needs to reflect you professionally. When people type your name into Google, LinkedIn is going to be one of the first links they get. It doesn't matter if you're not looking for a job, or if you're happy in your career and don't want a change. This is your professional footprint, and it needs to be current, and amazing. This is your place to honor the accomplishments you've had in your career, and why someone would want to work with you as a new client, a new job, or to feature you in the press. With this package, we will go through the following process to get you an outstanding bio for your LinkedIn account:

  • Questionnaire. You will be sent a questionnaire where you fill in the blanks. This is to prompt you to think of accomplishments you may not have considered, or that slipped your mind.
  • Interview. You and Katie will have a phone or face to face interview via GoToMeeting. In this interview, she will get a sense of your accomplishments to begin writing your bio. You may send her any past bios you have used as a starting point.
  • First Draft. Katie will write your bio and submit it for you to review.
  • Second Draft. Based on your feedback, Katie will edit your bio for final sign-off.
  • Complete Bio. Your bio is done. Publish it to your LinkedIn profile!
  • Headshot Help. Need help picking your headshot? Katie can review possible headshots, even if they are at a family party, and crop your head out. Or, read this article on how to take a headshot at home (super easy).

If you work in a firm where your staff need to improve their bios, we can write them all using this same process. Keep in mind, a person's LinkedIn profile reflects them as an individual, and will certainly feature your company as where they are doing their top preforming work, but will include past work and accolades.

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