StudioPixelated is a digital agency founded by Katie Hellmuth Martin. It is the digital division of parent company, Katie James, Inc. Katie served as lead producer on dozens of website design and development projects, having designed select websites, directed design on other websites, and directed all programming under the hood to serve the goals and needs of the client. Today, Katie serves as a digital marketing strategist in the areas of search engine optimization (SEO), social outreach, and content creation, all with the aim of getting to the top of Google search results (and other search engines), and helping future customers and clients do what a business needs them to on their website.

Katie Hellmuth Martin has been working in the tech space as a website producer, digital content strategist, blogger, and small business owner for several years. In addition to StudioPixelated and Katie James, Inc., she is the co-founder of Tin Shingle, the community and resource that makes buzz-building affordable and accessible to all small business owners. Katie runs the blog A Little Beacon Blog, a blog spotlighting her hometown of Beacon, NY and the local businesses that help it thrive. Katie writes small business articles for Tin Shingle, All Business and has been quoted in publications such as USA Today, Forbes, Hudson Valley Magazine, and others. Connect with her on Twitter (@kjpixelated and @tinshingle), Pinterest (@katiejamespixel and @tinshingle), on Instagram (@katiejamespixel and @tinshingle) and on Facebook (/tinshingle and /alittlebeaconblog), and via email at katie@studiopixelated.com


Kathy Malone, Founder/Director, Brooklynindiemarket
“Katie has been a generous source of small business know how on a variety of subjects and also posseses the ability to effectively, and entertainingly communicate that knowledge. She has been an active member of our diverse group of enterepreneurs in the design and beauty world and has a thourouhly enjoyable "writers voice" and perspectives. She will be a positive force for any endeavor and understands social networking. It has been a real benefit to our organization.”

Outi Putkonen, partner Mugi Studio
I've got complements from all over the world for both the website and the newsletter. You are just great, thank you!!! 

Katja Presnal, founder Skimbaco Lifestyle
"I just sincerely wanted to thank you for our chat last week and how it IMMEDIATELY helped me to move to right direction."

Judith George, founder ReelInvitations.com
“Part of Katie's magic is in her placement of the creatvie elements. Whether it's the placement of the fabric, the placement and functionality of the your navigation on your website or the placement of your message on the web. She really can hear what you're looking for and takes it a step further. I look forward to working again with Studio Pixelated.”

Suzanne Caesar, founder Rhythm for Life 
"Before I took your Tweetworking course I not only had very little understanding about the way Twitter worked, but I also had no idea how it could be used as an effective marketing tool. You taught me the language and symbols that everyone uses on twitter and you pointed out many details that I hadn’t even thought of, especially how to use Hootsuit. 

All of these details I learned are obviously very important, but the biggest benefit to working with you, Katie, was how you walked me through every detail. I liked the way you addressed the issues and my questions clearly and simply by going step-by-step. You were extremely generous with your time and support, and didn’t make me feel like my questions were too silly, which was extremely comforting. 

I can’t thank you enough for giving me a whole new view of twitter and how this form of social media can be used as a marketing tool. I now have a whole new awareness and confidence to tweet.  Thanks again!"